Wednesday, April 17, 2013

about me

hello guys,,
introduce my self

name :lukman nur hakim
nick  :lukman
born :31-07-1993
place: tegal
address : cucakrawa street ,sindang,dukuhwaru,tegal,central java,indonesia

blulukz is actually my nickname from childhood, but now that I made the name for the name of my blog, in my blulukz give much information, the most important is about anime such as Naruto, blulukz may be accepted in the world of bloggers,
just a little info about me , to get to know me you can contact me directly, thanks

Lukman Nur Hakim

Semoga tulisan yang saya buat bisa membantu pembaca sekalian dan berilah komentar yang baik serta membangun


  1. Salam Kenal gan:

  2. Keren salam kenal..



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